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Client Comments

“Seeing Graeme and learning about EFT Therapy is the best decision we ever made for our relationship. We were in a very disconnected place and losing hope that we could reconnect, seriously questioning our future together. Over a number of sessions we began to trust each other again, open up and share our feelings, and we found ourselves being reminded(anchored) by how much we really do love each other. These sessions have honestly changed the course of our future, for our family, and we are so grateful.”
Katherine 37


“My time with Graeme gave me a great set of tools which I have subsequently employed to overcome various stresses in my life. Graeme’s relaxed and friendly style made sessions feel very safe and yet we were able to tackle some weighty and distressing issues. His insight and advice was clear, concise, and always relevant.”

Craig 45


“Being able to talk to someone in confidence was really positive. Graeme is a great person to talk to and find solutions. I’ve been able to have a really good year.”

Jack 17


“February 22nd was a hell of a day for most of us as we tried to come to terms with what really happened. When 12 months had past I was at a low point and didn’t know why. I needed help but didn’t realise this at the time. Someone recommended Graeme to go and see and have a chat. At first I was sceptical about going to a Psychologist to discuss all my problems. I was tougher than that. I had visions of lying on a couch, letting it all out and crying. I didn’t want to go but am glad I did. Graeme’s relaxed manner made it easier for me to identify what was really bugging me. He provided me with coping mechanisms to put certain events into perspective and move on. Life is now fantastic and I no longer want to leave Christchurch. Thanks Graeme.”

Jim 45


“I felt heard, and had good rapport…with my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)  I try to distract and avoid…but Graeme would bring me back, challenge me, and helped install new knowledge and skills.”

Eleanor 60


“I was struggling with my mood, over thinking, was oversensitive  to  what other people thought of me, and was not  able to switch my thoughts off. Graeme helped me to understand  my thought processes, and provide  tools to make changes. I have learnt to ‘let go’ of unhelpful thoughts, to go to a ‘safe’ relaxing place in my mind, and  to relax deeply. I still have my moments but am a lot better. I have the confidence to know what I can change . My mood has improved, I am able to have settled sleep, and my irritable bowel problems have also improved. My family have noticed the changes and I have had good feedback from work colleagues. I believe I have greater understanding of my feelings and thought processes and the tools to keep dealing with(life’s) issues.’

Kate 24


“The sessions with Graeme helped me to learn incredibly useful techniques to deal with unexpected and undesirable thoughts and feelings. This helped to manage  stressful times. I was also able to find an inner balance and relax. Every session was constructive and gave me things to work on until the next session which gave a measure of progress. Thank you Graeme for helping me gain insights into the workings of the mind and such positive strategies. ”

Reece 23


“I use to get nervous as soon as I’d finished the warm-up. Now I’m more relaxed and able to let go of thoughts that were distracting. My mind is clearer and I go back to the game plan and being ‘In the Zone’. The first thing is awareness (tension, distracting thoughts) and then using key words. The CD really helps when I’m stressed and(reinforcing) the strategies to focus on.”

Emma 17


“Graeme has given me so much to think about and work on. I am better now than I have been for 54 years. That is a long time to suffer from anxiety and depression.I have always been skeptical about the phrase ‘finding myself.’ I didn’t have any feelings except guilt and dreadful anxiety. Thanks to Graeme the new me started to emerge. I believe that I am living testament that with the right help it is possible to rise up from sexual abuse and take back what was taken from me. I have moved on from being a victim and am steps above being a survivor . I now love living my life, it’s a whole new beginning.”

Jennifer 59


“Listening is important, but after two years of the Earthquake stuff I needed solutions and understanding. I was in a rut. It was helpful to face my fears and make decisions for myself. It was being able to have a ‘roadmap’ and then the breakthroughs’ came. I’m now back into my routines and more assertive.”

Bob 60


“It’s been amazing, the sessions have completely changed our relationship. We’ve been able to open up and understand each other more. I love our relationship but now love it even more. I have had counsellors before that just listen, but Graeme also get’s right in and describes(patterns,options), and helps with strategies.”

Anna 20


“I have seen Graeme for several weeks concerning the break up of my marriage. He has been invaluable to my wellbeing during this time, helping me deal with my stress levels and teaching me to evaluate my thoughts and reactions, to think outside my usual destructive patterns and find ways of coming to terms with challenges and problems. He helped me to learn how to relax and meditate which has been a revelation and also to uncover and resolve effects of a major traumatic incident from my childhood. I feel so lucky to have been sent to him by my doctor.”

Karen 52


“It’s made my thinking a lot more positive. Graeme is understanding and covers a lot of stuff, the negative and positive things in the relationship. We are able to argue differently.The sessions have been extremely helpful.”

Matt 24


“After a rough start in life , dealing with alcohol and sexual abuse , I was fortunate to have  a wonderful mother who sought help for me. I have in my 33 years seen many professionals to help me through episodes of post-trauma , anxiety and depression. Following the Christchurch earthquakes all my prior learning seemed to diminish and I was left feeling helpless and hollow. Graeme has put my fears, thoughts, and physical reactions into perpsective. I feel understood, and have learnt practical strategies to manage any difficulties I face. Graeme has given me insight into my own behaviors and I feel greater confidence with this knowledge, and the results experienced in my own life and the comments received from those close to me. Thank you Graeme, it’s people like you that give me hope.”

Julie 33


“I highly recommend Graeme to help with any psychological requirement you have. Using his experience and professionalism he has helped me reduce my anxiety and distress considerably following the Christchurch earthquakes.”

Jill 58


“The sessions have  helped me a huge amount. I wasn’t sleeping, and was anxious, waking with nightmares, and felt flat during the day. Now I understand about the effects (Earthquake trauma), and the strategies that help (e.g.exposure, reframing thoughts , guided imagery).  I’m able to relax again, and have more control. My sleep is now settled and I feel positive and ready to look for work again.”

Dean 40


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