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Graeme Clarke – Registered Clinical Psychologist

MA (First Class Hons.), Diploma in Clinical Psychology, Diploma in Sport Studies, Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis.

The spread of COVID-19 has affected the world in many ways. And, in times of uncertainty or crisis, it’s really important that you look after your own mental wellbeing. That’s why I’ve teamed up with RedSeed to make this resource freely available to anyone in Australia or New Zealand.

This course covers all practical steps we can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as links to approved resources. Most importantly, it will give you strategies to manage stress and anxiety, as well as tools for mindfulness and help with sleep.

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Welcome to my Website !

I have been practising Clinical Psychology, therapy and counselling for 38 years.

I am registered as a Clinical Psychologist under the Psychologist Act and am accountable to the New Zealand Psychologist’s Board.

I have experience assessing and helping clients with a wide range of psychological issues.

My specialty areas are Depression, Psychological trauma (e.g. earthquake, physical injury, sexual abuse), Anxiety Disorders , Traumatic Brain Injury, Couples Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, and Sport Psychology.

I am also interested in how we function optimally, and what approaches, beliefs and attitudes, allow us to manage life’s demands, and improve our emotional wellbeing.

It is a privilege to meet and work with clients.

A priority in sessions is that you feel heard, understood, and have your feelings and concerns acknowledged and clarified.

The sessions are collaborative, focusing on positive, achievable goals, at your pace.

My experience and belief is that we have the capacity to resolve personal and interpersonal issues and improve our emotional wellbeing.

We all have considerable personal resources. It’s how to tap into them.

I am respectful of individual values, cultural or spiritual backgrounds.

Many of the anecdotes that are helpful in sessions have been learned from the wisdom and resourcefulness of clients I have seen.

There is considerable evidence based literature on psychological approaches to treat and manage Clinical Disorders, and on ways to promote personal growth, develop life skills, and enhance performance e.g. in Sport, Music, Academia, Business.

There is also considerable literature and understanding on approaches to enhance the quality of our relationships.

As a Psychologist I can work with you in the way that suits you best, whether in therapy, counselling or Coaching, to help you achieve your goals.

Member of Christchurch Psychology.