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Life Coaching

Life coaching helps individuals become more personally effective in their everyday lives.

Andrea Molloy a high profile NZ Life coach explains  ‘A Life Coach facilitates, encourages, and motivates you to set and reach effective personal and professional goals for a more successful life…the life you want.’

Life coaching has its roots in modern psychology and counselling theories.

The focus is on viewing the client as having the resources to define and work towards the goals they want to achieve.

Life coaching is often carried out over two to three months to clarify
a) what current life issues are,
b) to recognise and define the goals to achieve and
c) ‘how’ to close the gap between these two.

Clients use life coaching for a variety of reasons e.g. to manage stress more effectively, balance work and personal lives, become more focused and motivated, and to realise their potential.

As a Clinical Psychologist with an interest and training in how to optimise performance and functioning, and approaches to improve and maintain emotional wellbeing, Graeme is well qualified to provide the Life Coach role.

Clinical Psychology as a profession offers clear professional boundaries, a depth of understanding of human behaviour, and approaches to access and maximise your personal resources.

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