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Graeme S. Clarke

We have the personal resources to manage life’s challenges.

We have the capacity to resolve personal and interpersonal issues.

We have the ability to enhance our emotional wellbeing.

A priority in sessions is to feel heard, understood, and have your feelings and concerns acknowledged and clarified.

The sessions are collaborative and aim for positive, achievable goals, at a pace you are comfortable with.

It is a privilege to work with clients and I am respectful of individual values, cultural or spiritual backgrounds.

Many of the anecdotes that are helpful in sessions are learned from the wisdom and resourcefulness of clients I have seen.


  • MA (First Class) (Canterbury)
  • Diploma in Clinical Psychology (Canterbury)
  • Diploma in Sport Studies (Dunedin)
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (NZ)
  • Certificate Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy


Graeme has practiced Clinical Psychology for 40 years.

Initially he worked for the Canterbury Hospital Board in a range of roles, including team Psychologist at the Acute Unit at Hillmorton, as well as seeing clients at the Psychology Department.

Following this role Graeme was appointed Senior Clinical Psychologist at Christchurch Public Hospital, supporting clients to adjust to a range of physical injuries and illnesses.

Graeme ventured into Private Practice in 1988 and since then has seen clients with a wide range of issues.

Graeme has an interest and extensive experience in the treatment of Anxiety and Depressive Disorders.

He has also specialised in the treatment of psychological adjustment to Trauma (e.g.earthquake, psychological abuse), and psychological adjustment to Traumatic Brain Injury and Physical Injury.

Graeme has seen over 1600 couples and supported them to address relationship issues e.g. conflict resolution, intimacy, communication, relationship growth.

Graeme has an interest in mind-body issues and the therapeutic use of Hypnosis.

A further area of interest has been Sport Psychology. Graeme is qualified as both a Clinical and a Sport Psychologist . He was one of the first Psychologists to be involved with NZ team athletes attending the Commonwealth games in 1990, and was Sport Psychologist appointed with the Medical team at SportsMed.

Graeme was the inaugural President of the NZ Sport Psychology Association.

Graeme is also interested in how we manage the general chaos of life.

What is it that allows some people to adjust well, to gain satisfaction and joy from their lives ? What outlook do they have and what approaches do they use?

The challenge is to enhance our emotional wellbeing and discover the ‘how to’ of functioning optimally and getting the most from our existence e.g. personal ‘growth’, emotional wellbeing, optimal performance .

There now exists considerable insights into ways to maximise our psychological functioning and emotional well-being.

Graeme’s initial academic training with psychological treatment approaches included Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. He was also influenced by the work of Milton Erikson. Erikson’s approach focuses on utilising personal strengths, and creative ways to resolve emotional issues.

Graeme is also influenced by Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) , Solution Focused Practice, and Mindfulness approaches.

EFT highlights the importance of awareness and expression of ‘healthy’ emotional states. It’s being wise about understanding ones emotions and how and when to express them.

The Mindfulness approach focuses on techniques which promote self -management e.g. with issues such as stress, rumination, unhelpful habits.

Hypnotic self management approaches are also a useful option for a wide range of Clinical conditions and life adjustment issues.

Apart from these evidence based approaches Graeme’s belief is that we gain wisdom from our quality of connection to others, and life experiences.

The information you share is confidential.

Any information which may be shared e.g. with your GP, will be discussed with you .

The only time when this confidentially is broached is if a client is a threat to themselves or others. If this occurred Graeme would discuss the issue with the client and seek appropriate support.



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