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How do I know if I need psychological support or therapy?

If any psychological issue becomes an ongoing struggle it may be helpful to seek Professional Psychological support. Friends and family can be supportive, but at times a positive option is to talk with someone neutral.

The sessions may be a chance to discuss a concern, to acknowledge and clarify feelings, to resolve feelings, or discuss self management approaches .

If your emotional wellbeing remains compromised through Trauma, Depression, Anxiety or Panic, seeing a Clinical Psychologist would be a positive step.

This may be with the aim of improving your daily functioning, emotional wellbeing or quality of relationships.

You would have a chance to improve self-management under stress, and to become happier and calmer.

It can also be helpful to see a psychologist to assist with general problems of living e.g. motivation, enhancing performance, life skills etc

Why would I choose Graeme Clarke for Psychological consultation?

  • I am open, sincere, and enjoy the chance to facilitate a positive influence.
  • I have a belief in our ability to either accept or change issues in our lives.
  • I have a passion for my work.
  • I have extensive training in managing ‘clinical’ issues such as Mood, Trauma and Anxiety.
  • I have extensive training and experience in addressing general problems of living, i.e. what allows us to  function optimally, and how to maximise our emotional wellbeing and daily functioning e.g. Life Skills approaches , Performance enhancement.
  • I have training in a range of self-management skills e.g. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, and Clinical Hypnosis.
  • I can make personalised CD’s to assist with issues e.g. Relaxation, Performance enhancement, Mindfulness, Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • If I believe if I cannot be of assistance, or another service could be utilised, I will recommend this.
  • I will, with your permission work with your GP if this is helpful.
  • I am located on a bus route and have my own client parking close to Hagley Park.
  • I can offer appointments Monday to Friday.

How many sessions are required?

This varies depending on the complexity of the issue, and readiness for change.

Many issues can be addressed in 4 to 6 sessions e.g.  Conflict Resolution, Performance Skills, Mild Depression, Stress Management.

With more complex issues e.g. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Clinical Depression, and Social Phobia, up to 10 to 12 sessions are recommended.

Couples work often involve 10 plus sessions.

For some issues such as Complex Trauma, long standing Attachment issues, engrained Habits, an extended time may be helpful.

Many clients will be seen for a set number of sessions and have a ‘review’ periodically.

My Approach:
My approach is to be specific about the areas to address, define the goals, and aim to work as efficiently as possible.

Fees and payment options

  • My current fee is $200 including GST per session which are fifty minutes long
  • I have contracts with ACC including Psychological Services for Physical Injury and Sexual abuse.
  • Several Private Insurance Companies fund Clinical Psychologists.
  • WINZ funding may be an option if you are eligible
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    Phone: (03) 348 5595